A seamless transition for Donaldson to a new platform

One hundred years after a young Frank Donaldson, Sr. invented the world’s first effective air cleaner for a tractor engine, Donaldson Filtrations Systems is still innovating. The company holds over 1,600 active patents with employees in 44 countries around the world. A pioneer in nano-fiber technology, the company manufactures and tests filter elements using fibers as minuscule as less than a micron in width.

Visual Design

A need for consistency

Donaldson’s antiquated website couldn’t manage its content and they were committed to making improvements. The product catalog families were not consistent and needed to be updated and reconciled. Donaldson was also combining multiple top-level sites into a single site, which required large variation in design while also addressing the content needs with an organized and accessible library for their assets.

A clear path forward

The Donaldson Business Units needed to have autonomy from the parent site to manage their individual businesses centers separately. Support was needed for a future localization strategy that would roll out a global content strategy across languages. They needed Content Thread to also architect an intuitive navigation to support their design that was heavy on aesthetics. Finally, we needed to create an easily accessible, extendible component library for all their digital assets.

Content Thread partnered with Rauxa to redesign and migrate over 200 websites into the newly acquired AEM platform. The primary technical objective was to create a global site architecture flexible enough to support disparate business units. The timeframe for the implementation was 14-16 weeks, including user acceptance testing (UAT). Donaldson asked Rauxa to provide a proposal to plan, redesign, re-platform and rebuild the first three sites: Donaldson Corporate Website, Donaldson Engine Aftermarket Business Unit Website, Donaldson Venting Business Unit Website

Content Thread helped specifically with the re-platform segment of this undertaking with the three sites listed above. We assisted in the following high-level areas: Tech Planning, Infrastructure, CQ Development, Integrations, Defects, HTML Development. After four years of successful partnership, Donaldson continues to work with Content Thread to innovate in solving business problems with digital technology.